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   My name is Linda Ruth Tosetti and I am the granddaughter of George Herman Ruth.
   George Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 6, 1895 at the home of his maternal grandparents. His parents, George Sr. and Kate Ruth, operated a bar and worked very hard to provide for their small family. At the age of seven "Little George" was placed at Saint Mary's Industrial School for Boys. "Little George" was just too much to handle for his parents. At Saint Mary's George got the discipline and education he needed to become a useful citizen AND he met Brother Matthias, the one man among the Catholic Brothers of the Xaverian Order who was the Prefect of Discipline at the School. Brother Matthias' love and direction helped Babe grow into the best baseball player that ever lived as well as the one man who single-handedly saved baseball from sure ruin at the hands of unsavory gamblers and criminals. In fact, Babe's personality and home runs saved baseball from the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 and a gambling scandal in 1926! How did he do this? He performed this "Ruthian" task by revolutionizing the way baseball was played and through his generous and courageous spirit.  
    Needless to say, without Babe Ruth there would be no major league baseball today. Indeed, there would be no international game. What's more, Babe was way ahead of his time not only on the ball field but in accepting men and women of every race, creed and culture into the American pastime. Long before it was the popular social sentiment, Babe Ruth barnstormed and supported Negro League baseball, Mexican League baseball, Cuban baseball, women's baseball, children's baseball and he carried baseball to the orient where over a million people saw him play in 1934!
     Please help us petition Major League Baseball to retire Babe's famous Number 3 in every major league ball park across America. For his contributions to baseball, social justice and children everywhere Babe deserves this distinct honor.

Ruthian Regards!
Linda Ruth Tosetti

Hello. My name is Michael T. Mauro. I am the webmaster at this site. I have been a lifelong fan of George Herman Ruth. When I was a boy I couldn't read enough about baseball and especially about my hero Babe Ruth. Later in life I was privileged to meet Linda Ruth Tosetti and her husband Andrew. They are dedicated to keeping the memory and the legacy of Babe Ruth alive in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Like them, I believe that Babe's courage, his bravado, his love for people and especially children is a fine example of a man who lived his life giving back to others from the vast storehouse of his charity. I have been involved in various Babe Ruth projects over the years and will contuinue to champion this cause.  All of this has been a labor of love for me.

The family of Babe Ruth is a wonderful, giving family who recognizes Babe's incredible contributions to our national pastime and our history as a nation. Please continue to support our simple web site so that others may know about Babe!