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This site was put together by Michael T. Mauro and Linda Ruth Tosetti with assistance and ongoing help from George Alverio.

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John Meeks' amazing site about his paper, plastic and other media sculpture of the 'House That Ruth Built'!


This dramatic photograph was taken on June 13, 1948 at Yankee Stadium and won a Pulitzer Prize for New York Herald Tribune photographer Nat Fein.  It was the 25th anniversary of The House that Ruth Built and the day the Babe's number was retired.  Ruth bows out before 49,641 fans there to say their final farewell to the American icon. W.C. Hines of the U.S. Sun best described the moment, "Ruth emerged from the dugout into the caldron of sound he must have known better than any other man."  Everyone knew then that The Babe had worn his old uniform for the last time.  He died only two months later on August 16, 1948.   The famed number 3 will never again be worn by a Yankee player. Courtesy of Nat Fein's Estate.


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Mr. and Mrs Herbie Buck
Herbie and his wife have gathered lots of signatures!
The Babe hitting for the Red Sox
Babe pitching for the Yankees late in his career.
Playing with the Negro leagues
Babe in his Boston Braves days 1935
Babe catches ball dropped fom building on 08/17/1922
Babe catches it!

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