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Babe Ruth is an authentic American hero! This cross section of photos shows Babe completely at ease and completely happy in the presence of his favorite people...Kids! That's "Keeds"!  From his early days at Saint Mary's Industrial School For Boys, Babe was a champion of children. At Saint Mary's Babe regularly bought extra candy from the commissary to share with the less fortunate younger kids. Also, as a young adult at Saint Mary's, Babe helped the School's baker make extra bread with molasses on cold winter days so that he could run down to the "Yard" and distribute it to the younger boys. Babe visited orphanages, hospitals, schools and playgrounds every chance he could to promote baseball. Babe knew that most kids could not see him in a major league game so he went to them! He often made newsmen swear that they would not report his great generosity to kids. Although he was easily recognized anywhere he went, Babe never forgot the children. Babe could often be seen before and after ball games surrounded by an ocean of children. He always stayed to sign autographs and he kept his barn full of autographed balls and bats to share with sick and disabled kids. He championed fair play and clean living.   


Courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame


Courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame







Babe with his favorite people